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I am a licensed private investigator. I specialize in personal injury cases and criminal defense; with a special interest in sex abuse cases. Some might say I am an expert because I have worked on 100+ cases of childhood sex abuse. Abuse cases happen everywhere: family, friends, coaches, teachers, clergy and strangers. I assist the litigation attorney from the first intake to the jury verdict or settlement. I never ever forget how important each case is to each person.

With 20+ years in the law business, first as a litigation paralegal and then as an investigator I bring an expertise to every case I work. I have a curious nature, an intuition about people and a rebellious spirit. All of these traits make me a excellent investigator.

People who have worked with me are impressed by my persistence, ethics and creativity in getting the job done. I approach each case like a puzzle so with that in mind I do not give up until the last piece is in place.